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It’s easy to get started. Just complete our simple signup form and then follow our instructions on getting your 3B credit Credit Monitoring.


Dispute and


We will contact you to discuss your credit and provide a full credit analysis. A custom dispute plan will be drafted and letters will be sent to the credit bureaus




Updates will sent on all disputed items. We will automatically send customized re-disputes

letters until items are removed or settled



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Get 24/7 support and coaching on your credit reports and scores.​ You can log-in at any time to view your account.

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Nikki Hautala-Manor

I truly can’t say enough great things about Allison! She was highly recommended to me at a time in my life I didn’t think having good credit was possible. Post-divorce, single mom, etc. I always knew what it took to have good credit, or so I thought. Allison showed me that it isn’t just necessarily paying bills on time. She dug into my credit report and picked it apart and found things on there that weren’t necessarily my “fault” and handled every single one! She made this a very effortless process yet very beneficial outcome on my part.

10/10- highly recommend!

Jason Brown

Allison was able to fix a negative issue on my credit report from years ago and remove multiple inquiries. My score went up over 25 points. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Allison. I highly recommend if you want to improve your score and lower your interest rate when applying for credit.

Webster Street

Allison is the best she changed my life for the better with her credit repair. She walked me through each and every step or detail. She gave me the confidence of knowing that she was taking care of everything. She's very knowledgeable and will not let you down. I will recommend this company and Allison to anyone she has your back! My score leaped 150 points in 3 months and she will give you the tools to follow once her part is done. To othis day I still use all the tools she gave me and I give people the same advice. Thank you thank you thank you Allison you are the BEST!!!

Marcy Maya

I worked with Allison Hill back in 2014. Always had bad credit and owning a home was definitely my dream. Not only did she fix our credit, worked day and night to fix those school loans. Got approved for more than I ever expected and got the home of my dreams. I totally recommend Allison Hill, totally a life changer. Give her a try!!




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